At the core of customer-centricity is a clear set of ethical business principles and practices by which you and your team consistently operate. Principles and practices that reflect your business values and promised outcome to customers are in the end the clear demonstrations that you operate on purpose. Aligning every function and action of your business or practice so that it is solely focused on the customers’ perspective is the only sustainable way to be seen as distinct from all others in the marketplace.


Is your team empowered to make real decisions on behalf of the customer or are they bound by a nebulous “That is our policy” or “That is the way we do things here” statements ?  In addition to fundamental values based principles and operational practices there are many other cultural components that enable your organization to live out its promise of being customer or client centric. Every detail counts: the appearance of your office, store, plant, vehicles, or even the way your team dresses has a positive or negative effect on culture compliance and customer perceptions. As does how individuals are greeted, served and thanked.



Magic happens when your organization is culturally aligned at every customer touch point. Team members constantly and proactively find many, many creative ways to reinforce the promise and resultant culture.


Actions Required


  1. Are you determined to develop a customer-centric approach in every facet of your business?
  2. Is every interaction in your organization personalized and humanized in every way possible?
  3. Are you clear on how you will: a) communicate, b) educate, c) empower, d) compensate your team so they are rewarded for living out your business values and promised customer-centric outcome every day to ensure marketplace distinction and positive word of mouth advocacy?


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