Tuesday 27 April 2010

Years ago when I was marketing Rolls Royce Motor Cars, a client told me why I should have a client advisory board. He said, “Richard, we don’t care what you think will work, what we want you to do is ask us so you will think like we think.” This was tough yet sage advice, and I quickly learned the value of a client advisory committee. The net result changed my thinking – and it changed my business.

Here are some tips to help you set up your Client Advisory Group:

  1. Limit the group to five clients, as you want well-rounded ideas and participation from all.
  2. You can have multiple groups based upon your niche markets – one for each market.
  3. Meet bi-monthly or quarterly for breakfast or lunch.
  4. Have an agenda and focus on one main topic per meeting.
  5. Have a set time frame for the meeting – keep it moving so as to not waste time.
  6. Be sure to take good notes. Have an assistant sit in on the meeting to take notes for you, if necessary.
  7. Ask board members to serve for one year. Rotate members to keep things fresh.
  8. Do something special for your advisory board at the end of the year to say thank you.

A more in-depth look at this subject is available on DVD with me giving very specific details on creating an advisory board.

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