Going to a holiday party may or may not create an open door for you. You may meet a prospect or simply be asked by someone for “your card” so they can get in touch.

1.   Do not give out business cards in these settings. It says subtly “I am here for business”, or worse, “I am what I do.”

2.   Do create and give out personal cards – a card that has your personal contact information such as:

  • Name
  • Non-business email
  • Non-business cell phone number

As it is a personal card and does not relate to business, it positions you socially not as there to do or talk business.

3.   Set up a business conversation if you wish. Tender your “personal card” to those who have requested it or you have decided to connect with. If you want to set up the business connection, simply say, “Here is my personal card. Everything is on there except my office number.” Nine out of ten times they will ask, “Oh what is that number and what do you do?” This creates a perfect place to transition to a breakfast or lunch the next week to “introduce yourself professionally.”

Social settings require personal cards. Otherwise we think you are just there for business!


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