Tuesday 27 July 2010

You have heard me articulate many times the importance of communicating your competitive advantages effectively and distinctly!

To do this it is imperative that you make an emotional connection to the client/prospect. According to the latest study by Edelman Trust Barometer, Honesty and trust are more important to consumers than the quality of the product (and) consumers simply will not buy products from a company (or person) that they do not trust.*

Translated to your business; this means that if your clients and prospects truly know you and trust you then they will not only do business with you but they will speak kindly about you when you aren’t even around!

In this paradigm shift, it is more important than ever to be totally transparent with all your communications with clients and prospects. Remember it is okay to not have all the answers all the time but be willing to be a comprehensive resource for them and through proactive and meaningful communication and comprehensive service remind them that you are there to stand with them and assist in any manner possible, whatever the market does!

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*Private Wealth Magazine, Leveraging The Brand, May/June 2010, Pages 41-42.

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