Tuesday 26 January 2010

Post-crisis, now more than ever affluent and high net worth people are relying on the positive word of mouth of others when making any significant purchase or investment decision. This creates a unique opportunity for you to be an additional resource for top clients. Having a full time or even part-time concierge service is not viable for most practitioners. However, you can make an enormous impression by expanding your network of people in the know in your local community. Take time to meet the concierge staff at good hotels in your area. They have contacts in many areas. Meet the head of personal shopping at your better department and specialty stores – it is an expanding area of retail. Take the head of your local chamber to lunch and find out who they see as the best of the best service providers in your area. Who is the top travel person, fine arts and antiques insurer, you can recommend?

Having these contacts at your fingertips gives you the opportunity to suggest them to your clients when they mention an upcoming event, travel experience, or other wish list item in conversation. In addition to your relationships with selected CPAs and attorneys that you recommend, this next level of contacts you cultivate can help set you apart from all others.

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