Check Your Business Performance Factors

The answers to these five questions determine the success of your entire business:

  1. 1 Is your unique value promise about what the consumer receives by doing business with you or is it about your products and services?
  2. 2 Are you targeting the right buyers, or are you trying to be all things to all people?
  3. 3 Do you have delighted advocates who bring business to you or simply loyalty neutral satisfied customers?
  4. 4 Is your team working on purpose to deliver extraordinary value and elevated experiences or are they working under pressure to just sell more products?
  5. 5 Do customers recognize the real value you deliver or are your prices or fees in question?

Improvement in these 5 areas create an amazing transformation in business performance:

  • New customers are compelled to inquire, existing satisfied customers move from loyalty neutral constituents to delighted advocates.
  • Your organizational culture and hiring is redefined by the desire to communicate and live out your clear promise of extraordinary value.
  • Your marketing becomes distinct, your sales process more personalized and your business grows through transformative purpose versus transactional pressure.

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