Changes in Today’s Marketplace #9


This is the ninth in a series of what has changed in customer perceptions and resultant buying behaviors.


Change #9 – Word of mouth is driven by elevated experiences rather than expected good service


Consumer Fact: People expect good service


Business Perception: Good service is enough to drive word of mouth


Consumer Fact: Elevated experiences create the emotional responses that drive word of mouth


Now some have argued only large businesses can really elevate the customer experience or conversely just small ones. In reality, with clear open-minded assessment and a commitment from you and your team any business in any industry or market can elevate current customer experiences and interactions. As an example, I needed shirts laundered in one day in Port Charlotte, Florida. I stopped at Greener Cleaners and inquired. “Sure, they will be done by 5:00pm,” they said. The challenge was, my flight was at 5:00pm. No problem they replied, “What time do you need them?” I said, “By 3:00pm at the latest.” Their elevated answer? “Let’s make it easy for you, we will have them done by 1:00pm and we will just deliver them to you today by 1:30.” Having never set foot in the place before, I was struck by their helpfulness and their commitment to elevate their service and my experience.


So how about your business: what can you do to improve and elevate the customers’ experience? If you’re a provider like Grande Aire in Boca Grande, Florida – can you set as they do a two hour window instead of just morning or afternoon slots for when your service technician will arrive? Can your technicians call 20 minutes before they arrive to inform your customer they will be there shortly as Grande Aire does? The little things you do, creates a portfolio of memorable and elevated experiences for your customers.


Elevating the customers’ experience is not done overnight. By determining what your customers’ experience is like now and then deciding what you can do to elevate their interactions and experiences, you are on the right road. To be successful, assess every nuance of customer interaction you currently have from how the telephone is answered to how the customer is cultivated after the sale.


Realize that by making small changes each month, incrementally you will achieve a consistent elevated experience for all customers. To ensure the changes needed are clear and do get made create an elevated customer experience team. Look at every customer interaction and think outside the box. Put everything on the table. Focus them on what things need to be elevated and improved. List even the smallest items you can improve upon to provide an elevated experience for all.  Satisfied clients are loyalty neutral.  Elevate every interaction and you will have clients who are delighted advocates.

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