This is the fifth in a series of what has changed in customer perceptions and resultant buying behaviors.

Change #5 – Best Practices Are Not Always the Right Practices

Every day committees meet, conferences are attended and peers confer to discover the best practices others are using to solve problems and streamline operations.  While this focus on capturing the experience of others is excellent for the creative process, it is too often seen as the proverbial silver bullet or magic elixir to elevate business performance.

The reality is that many best practices are only the best for those currently using them.  It works in their business model, organizational structure, or marketplace positioning.  It may also work for their sales process, product platform, delivery and service systems.  However, best practices applied without consideration of their ability to align with all aspects of your business can bring, at minimum, disruption and, at worst, catastrophic consequences.

Too often best practices are applied without consideration of the overall vision of your business or its functionality as a whole.

Gathering of best practices should serve the purpose of only being creative inflows for the development of the right practices for your business.  The development of right practices is vital to ensure congruency, cultural alignment, brilliant execution and adoption.

The right practices are those that are crafted with both the end in mind and a clear understanding of the ramifications on every aspect of your business.  If best practices indicate that you adjust your pricing, bundling, packaging, marketing, sales, service, or organizational structure, is that really the right thing for you to do?  Recognizing the importance of the buyers mandate of constant improvement in every aspect of your business drives organizations to look for ways to improve and this is vital for success in today’s challenging marketplace.

However, it is essential that you create and implement the right practices for your business.  Created and implemented with a full understanding of the before and after in all areas of the business.  Others’ best practices applied may not be the best solution or right practice for your business.

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  1. Dick Harris says:

    Great to see your blog, Richard, as these ‘changes in the marketplace’ features are valuable. The old idea of ‘best practices’ had businesses take tools and approaches (that others had developed and made work for them) and try to force-fit these into their practice or operation and it seldom worked.

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