Changes in Today’s Marketplace #11


This is the eleventh in a series of what has changed in customer perceptions and resultant buying behaviors.


Change #11 – The Consumer Voice is Fact and Trumps Your Perception


In today’s world, the consumer rules.  They ultimately decide why they want to buy something, be it for emotional, functional, or a combination of reasons thereof.  This requires that organizations and individuals connect with them by communicating in and from the customer’s perspective.  This is not just in the sales process but throughout every facet of your business model.  Long gone are the days when touting who you are as a business or how or why you are good will generate more inquiries or sales.  Consumers want and in fact demand relevance.  They have neither the time nor inclination to sort out how doing business with you will be good for them.


Many if not most business people and professionals believe and perceive that they are communicating and delivering from the consumers’ perspective.  They have done surveys, followed their best instincts, even studied consumer dynamics and believe they know what customers want.  In many cases, they do but that knowledge alone does not ensure that it is used effectively.  To ensure every facet of your business is valued from the consumers’ perspective requires a reset of current me, us, I, we thinking.  The consumer’s requirement for all communications to be in their voice is fact.  If any hint of you as the seller’s voice is in your messaging it is dismissed or at the very best, is looked upon with skepticism, delaying the inquiry and purchase process.


As you assess your messaging, sales process, service, and all other customer interactions are you in their voice?  Unsure where to begin?  Look at your marketing messages, are they in their voice, i.e.: about what you do for them or about you and what and how you do things?


A classic example of a company who realized they were in their own voice and perception was McDonalds.  Their perception and voice was to justify their products as in “several billion sold.”  Once they realized the consumer and their voice alone rules they rebranded, remessaged, and repurposed their organization worldwide.  Today, they speak to what they do for consumers at every interaction – “Several Billion Served.”  What voice are you using and delivering?


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