Changes in Today’s Marketplace #10


This is the tenth in a series of what has changed in customer perceptions and resultant buying behaviors.


Change #10 – Growth Requires Leadership Not Ownership


Thousands of pages have been written on leadership principles, processes, and how to lead.  Some have stood the test of time, while others have been essentially fads.  However, the core issue that the heads of organizations, whether they are in the corporate environment or an entrepreneurial-based business is not how to lead.  That varies by individual as everyone has their own style and strengths as well as areas of needed improvement.


The core issue then that every organization leader faces is to ensure that they have the mindset that is needed to execute leadership effectively.  Many organizational heads demonstrate a mindset of ownership of their area or enterprise versus leadership.  While this is understandable given their responsibilities, pursuing or demonstrating ownership often translates into actions that prohibit or limit growth of the business and/or their team.


To be successful in leadership requires that leaders adopt a mindset of fleeing ownership and pursuing leadership.  What is the difference?


An ownership mindset is: to be the author of solutions.

A leadership mindset is: they set the stages and tone for their team to find and execute solutions.


An ownership mindset is: they require change at their pace.

A leadership mindset is: to learn how to help others change the way they work and facilitate accordingly, which often delivers change at an accelerated pace.


An ownership mindset is: to focus on running the business or organization.

A leadership mindset is: a focus on educating people to run the business, so they can focus strategically on growing the business or streamlining operations.


An ownership mindset is: to determine who they want to be in the marketplace.

A leadership mindset is: to clearly articulate their vision as a positive affirmation, i.e.: who they are in the marketplace versus who they will be, to inspire extraordinary performance and high expectations NOW.


An ownership mindset is: a singular focus of driving and tracking results.

A leadership mindset is: to coach, counsel, and inspire team members so that they can and want to deliver real sustainable results.


An ownership mindset is: do more with less.

A leadership mindset is: invest in services and people to free the organization to do what it does best.


An ownership mindset is: systems are not as important as getting the work done.

A leadership mindset is: with systems you have fewer personnel, accuracy, or work completion problems.  They know without systems you can pretty much have a day challenged with nothing but problems.


Those that make the shift from ownership to leadership discover that leading people and not just managing them elevates business performance across all aspects of the organization.  Are there areas of ownership that require a leadership mindset in your business?


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