Marketing Tips

Here Is An Important Heads Up!

As of March 31st we are at the end of the first quarter. This means 88 days of 2016 have gone by of which 24 were weekends, 4 were public holidays and 60 were M-F workdays.   It is time to calculate exactly where you are based upon your efforts so far in 2016.   Use this formula List your… Read More

“Here Is What You’re Doing Wrong!”

One of our many coaching clients wanted to understand why he just wasn’t connecting well with prospects and consequently asked us to critique his presentation skills. I had him record a meeting he had with a prospect so that we could gain real world insight into where he could perhaps improve. His initial rapport building although not very personalized did… Read More

Why Consumers are FED UP with Sales & Marketing People!

After facilitating 300+ face to face consumer interviews, their primary complaint is: nearly all marketing, marketing materials and sales presentations they see and hear are all about the sales person, the product or the provider! They are annoyed and in the words of many “FED UP” with this relentless company, product and sales rep-centered approach. This constant merchandising focus by… Read More

Seriously, Do You Really Think You Are Open-Minded?

When I was General Sales Manager for a Rolls-Royce dealership in upstate NY, we had converted an old grocery store into a luxurious showroom and service facility. We installed mirrored walls framed with mahogany paneling, baccarat crystal chandeliers, and even Sherle Wagner bathroom fixtures. We became a tourist attraction nearly over night. But given the demographics of the region most… Read More

Rock Solid Tactics to Make Your 2016 Growth Plan Successful

Sales Management Magazine recently published a study that indicates the average sales and marketing professional spends approximately 80% of their time on trivia. Activities defined as trivia include managing paperwork, spending time on the computer, focusing on the minutiae and mundane and not investing in the activities and services necessary to reach out into the marketplace and spend more time… Read More

Christmas – Victim or Victorious?

The boy stood along the fence and looked at the brightly lit tree, which sat invitingly in the front window of the neighbor’s house. In just a few days, it would be Christmas…a time when this family would gather at the tree and lose themselves in a mountain of paper and packages. Slowly he walked back to the corner of… Read More

Deborah J. Nelson Joins Weylman Consulting Group

C. Richard Weylman, Chairman and Managing Director of Weylman Consulting Group, is pleased to announce that Deborah (Deb) Nelson has joined the firm as an adjunct Director of Consulting and Marketing Partner. According to Weylman, “Ms. Nelson will be actively engaged in our numerous consulting projects, and having completed our certification process, will also be a designated lead coach for… Read More

Press Release: New RWI Home Page

Richard Weylman Inc. launches all new website at   Punta Gorda, FL — Monday, December 1, 2014 — To provide individuals in leadership roles with the information they need to engage Richard for a custom crafted presentation, the Weylman team announces an all new website at The site not only provides video highlights of the talents of this… Read More

Webinar: How to Acquire Physician Clients with Dr. Vicki Rackner

If you missed Richard Weylman hosting Dr. Vicki Rackner for a webinar on How to Acquire Physician Clients, please view this free webinar via the link below: How to Acquire Physician Clients Beginning Today Someone will serve the financial needs of physicians.  Why not you?

You Must Retreat to Continue to Compete

Now that the 1st of July has past and we are into the second half of the business year, it is time to retreat and then charge ahead. What? That sounds like an oxymoron! Actually no, because as you reviewed your Half-Time Report you undoubtedly identified areas that you know you need to revise, reenergize and refocus upon. From your… Read More