As a result of the current tendering economic turmoil business owners face, many things have changed.  From paradigms to processes to plans, there have been shifts in virtually all businesses.  The truth is no matter what you do or sell the “meltdown” worldwide has affected all of us.

Yet in the face of turmoil and change it is essential that you focus on the future and move forward, having learned from the past. 

Consequently, for all who choose not to be victims, but instead choose to grow, it is the perfect time to revisit your vision as a firm.  Renewed vision excites you and those around you, while at the same time consciously and subconsciously creates a pathway forward.

Many firms have reset their vision several times during their history, so they can never fall into complacency or miss opportunities that appear.  One of the most compelling new vision statements is from Coca Cola.  Their vision now is, “We must get ready for tomorrow, today.”  That says plenty for all of us.  Historically, this focus on a renewed vision to move forward has been modeled by many firms:

Boeing 1950’s: Become the dominant player in commercial aircraft and bring the world into the jet age.
Current: People working together as one global enterprise for aerospace leadership.

Ford early 1900’s: Democratize the automobile.
Current: To become the world’s leading consumer company for automotive products and services.

Honda 1970: We will destroy Yamaha.
Current: To be a company that our shareholders, customers and society want.
Note: Yamaha continues to do well and people do want Hondas.

As Dick Harris, my Senior VP who heads our coaching division, often says, “Vision is the what and when.  The mission is the how.”  With a clear new vision it is a useful tool to promote change in direction as well as a change and alignment of behaviors. 

Most importantly, you renew your desire to spend time learning to execute your vision versus just spending money trying to be earning.

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