Tuesday 23 March 2010

We would all like to be considered a “high achiever” in our industry, but not everyone meets this designation. Consider this:

  1. High achievers are exceptionally focused on what they do. This usually is most evidenced by the fact that they have a written mission statement that they adhere to daily.
  2. In addition to being focused they also have very well-defined goals with a detailed plan for reaching those goals.
  3. High achievers prioritize their to-do list daily and spend their time only on tasks that are truly productive. All other necessary tasks are delegated to office staff, such as most email.
  4. As much as possible, their calendars are scheduled far in advance. This keeps their time from being filled with, and wasted by, unnecessary interruptions.
  5. They are very organized. Too much productive time is wasted every day when an office isn’t organized.
  6. Communication is used effectively both with clients and staff. Although this can be an inherent skill, it is possible to learn good communication skills.

We all have room for improvement – make it your goal to constantly strive to achieve more!

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