Every one of us faces questions about marketing, competition, and practice management as we focus on growth and profitability.  Recently I had the privilege of recording the answers to many different questions sent in to me by advisers.  Click on the audio link below to find answers to the tough questions we all face in today’s challenging environment. A small sample of the wide-ranging questions are:


v  “I’m meeting with a prospect who is putting me through a ‘beauty pageant’ process. I am up against 3 other firms and only have 15 minutes.  What do I do?”


v  “Every time I hold an event and ask clients to invite a friend, I get assorted attendees showing up who will never be clients of mine.  How do I do this right, Richard?”


v  “I can never seem to free up needed time to focus on growing my business. As things expand, demands on me to manage and run operations expand as well. Very frustrating! Any thoughts?”


To hear those answers and many more, please click HERE to listen to the podcast.


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