Tuesday 10 August 2010

I think we would all agree that change is inevitable – whether it’s in our business, our family or our personal life. Why then do so many of us resist change? Most truly successful people have not only learned to accept change, they’ve learned to grow through it.

It is important to plan for change. Without advance planning change will just “happen” uncontrolled creating a sense of chaos and instability. When you plan for change to be made there is a feeling of control, calm and security. This is especially important for those members of your team who have no choice in the change.

The decision to make a change must come from leadership, but if the other members of the team are allowed to at least express their opinions and give suggestions, it helps them to feel like they are an integral part of what is happening around them. Have a staff meeting, or better yet, an off-site staff retreat, to review the coming change and explain the reason for the change. Your team will be much more supportive and less resistant when they understand the “whys and wherefores” of change. Present a step-by-step format detailing what will be expected through every stage of the coming change.

Finally, it’s just as important to allow your team the time they will need to adapt to the planned change. It will not happen overnight, but with patience, change can come smoothly and cheerfully!

Adapted from Q-Tips by Nido Qubein, November 3, 2009.

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