Every season each player who takes their game seriously believes they will have a great year. They believe they will go to the local playoffs or win the state championship. Sports professionals see themselves winning the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, or the World Cup.

That same mindset is prevalent in those who take their business seriously. They expect a great year, increased income, greater marketplace acceptance or increased satisfaction from their chosen profession.

From my many conversations with varied professional players and coaches over the years, one constant thread is always evident. Even though they have a clear vision and expectation for the season ahead, they also have a detailed step by step plan on what they will incrementally improve upon to get there.

This metaphorically speaks to every serious minded business professional who as your 2014 season starts, likely you have an annual plan that illuminates where you want to go and how you intend to get there.

However to mirror those who have found success on other highly competitive playing, it is essential that you also break your annual plans into specific incremental actions you will take now and throughout the 2014 season to win. The most effective approach to this is the creation of sequential 90 day plans though the entire year beginning right now. This allows you to highlight the areas upon which to improve, actions to be taken and also to celebrate your accomplishments through the long season ahead.

Like all great players, start your first 90 day plan with the fundamentals you need to improve upon and the early season actions you need to take. Then build upon those in your subsequent 90 day plans.

To make this easy for you, I have provided a free 90 day plan template for you to copy and use to make this your best and most satisfying season yet. Find it at:


C.Richard Weylman, chairman and Managing Director of Weylman Consulting Group where our sole focus is:  “Elevating Your Business Performance in Today’s Marketplace”

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