What Impact Would It Have On Your Business If You Applied The 4 Habits of The Most Successful Advisors?

You may be familiar with the saying, “Success Leaves Clues.” It does more than that. It reveals patterns. The patterns of the most successful Financial Advisors during the most challenging times are worth knowing and emulating.

Learning these patterns and habits will help you capitalize on the good times and bullet- proof your business for the next downturn… and there will be a next downturn. We just don’t know when.

It’s not personality or luck or genetic predisposition that determines your success or failure as a Financial Advisor. It’s consistently doing certain proven activities in a certain way that produce certain the results you ultimately want and deserve.

And there are 4 specific work habits of the most successful Financial Advisors that you will learn when you attend the Mastermind session in San Diego, April 2nd – 4th.

However you are running your business these days, you will find this content highly relevant and valuable to help you elevate your client value and grow your business to the next level. These work habits are not Values-Based Financial Planning specific.

Watch Bill’s video of him talking about some of the benefits that you can expect from this high-content Mastermind program by going to http://www.billbachrach.com/mastermind/.

As a result of attending this thought-provoking Mastermind program, you will learn:

  • The 4 Work Habits of The Most Successful Financial Advisors
  • How to rescue people from other Advisors (steal them away), if you want more Ideal Clients.
  • The 4 things that clients will gladly pay you 50k per year to do for them.
  • Answers to your biggest question, problem, issue that can help you enjoy your business and life even more so you can be even happier than you are today.
  • Ideas to increase the value of your business so when you are ready to sell it you will get top dollar.
  • Specific concepts that your peers have implemented to help them be at the level of success they currently enjoy.
  • How to be even more referable so you can more quickly get Ideal Clients.
  • Ideas on how to retain your great clients forever.
  • To enjoy even better work life balance.

Enroll right now at http://www.billbachrach.com/mastermind/.

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