So, WHY Should I do Business with YOU?

No longer is being “different” enough to stand out in the marketplace. Today’s buyer engages based upon the overarching distinctive value they perceive you offer. Based on his current CEO Read’s bestseller, The Power of Why – Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace, Richard demonstrates how prospects define value NOW. Most importantly, he provides innovative strategies and proven tactics that reduce fee, price and competitive pressures. Every audience member will be able to communicate the unique advantages their products or services deliver from the buyer’s perspective.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How do you currently answer the question, WHY should I do business with YOU?
  • The importance of having the RIGHT position and answer so that you can tell “Your Story.”
  • How to position yourself and your business so that qualified people WANT to engage.
  • Closing the value gap so that your recommendations resonate as THE solution they seek.
  • Communicating the EMOTIONAL value of your offerings so fee or price pressures are significantly reduced.