The list of key insights are highly modifiable based on outcomes and issues you want addressed.

(Note: All presentations are available in both keynote and workshop formats.)


His current in demand fully tailored presentations (often requested multiple times by clients for their additional constituent groups) includes:

Breaking Out in a Crowded & Competitive Marketplace

This message, fully tailored to your audience’s prospects and service, keys off a fundamental change in 21st century business: the shift in power from the seller to the customer. Richard illustrates why being “different” is no longer enough to stand out with buyers. He articulates the new perspective all potential customers (whether B2B or B2C) now seek before engaging with any business or sales professional. Richard will deliver specific strategies and tactics on how to reshape marketing and sales messages based upon this new perspective to deliver more inquires, more sales and profitable growth. This research based keynote will change your attendee’s thinking about how customer really choose the business with which they want to engage and WHY they actually buy from them.

 Discover How to Recruit & Retain Quality People to Your Team

The greatest cost to any organization is recruiting individuals who do not perform at high levels and thus are not retained. This keynote presentation equips every participant with the mindset and skill set to position their opportunity and recruit the best instead of settling for the rest!

Distribution companies, franchisors and financial firms have achieved extraordinary results from the innovative strategies and tactics Richard delivers in this presentation. Focusing on the knowledge that, unless you build your organization on the right people, you really have nothing that will last. This comprehensive message clearly defines a step by step process that will enable your leadership to recruit the best people and actually keep them on your team.

 How to Communicate Real Value & Stop Discounting to Buy the Business

The economic recession ushered in an era of heavy discounting as a way to drive more business activity and perceived value. However, things have changed dramatically in how customers now define value for their money. The continued use of discounting of fees and prices is seriously eroding margins and overall profitability. Using his landmark Advantage Based Selling Matrix, Richard demonstrates how customers and prospects now define value and how audience members can effectively communicate the value of their products and services. With example after example Richard illustrates the new thinking required and actions anyone can take to avoid joining the race to the bottom of pricing or fees. Regardless of what sales process or sales system currently being used, communicating value solely from the customers perspective is the only way to convey REAL value.

 Turning “Satisfied” Customers into Loyal Brand Advocates

Satisfied customers may be “satisfied” with the product or services they receive from a firm but they certainly are not delighted advocates. In point of fact, satisfied customers are loyalty neutral. Given an opportunity to take their business elsewhere – they will!

Richard’s innovative approach and unique formula to effectively move satisfied customers to delighted advocacy has direct application for every organizational leader, sales professional and customer service provider. Based on years of experience and hundreds of hours of recent consumer and business owner interviews, Richard provides real strategies and specific actionable tactics that can be executed immediately.

 The Next Big Thing Beyond Social Media

In a world of tactile social media, connecting with customers now requires moving far beyond generic rapport building and presumed chemistry. With a real world look at the psychology that now drives customer behavior, Richard’s ongoing research and keen insight into the 21st century customer’s mindset will provide attendees with the knowledge and specific actions they need to deeply connect with customers in marketing, sales and service activities.

He will illustrate how social media has provided excellent opportunities for connectivity, but has now spawned a craving for personalized and humanized interaction. Richard’s real world approach on how to meet the customers desire for this interaction has enabled audiences worldwide in every industry to move beyond just being on social media to the next big thing!

 Consistently Acquire More of the Right Customers

New customer acquisition is the life blood of any organization. However, customer acquisition strategies that were successful in the past are now not delivering the ROI or ROE companies and their sales and marketing teams seek. As a recognized expert on the innovative approaches required to gain new customers and increased market share, Richard brings new clarity to this vital initiative. Whether your sales and marketing team is focused on B2B or B2C marketplaces, he will deliver key strategies and specific tactics that reset how to focus on, gain access to, and subsequently acquire more of the right customers. Most importantly your audience members will be able to immediately improve their prospect flow and customer acquisition as a definable result.