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The Power of Why

Breaking out in a Competitive Marketplace

by Richard Weylman

“Richard Weylman is still knocking doors down with brilliant distilled wisdom. To those who discover The Power of Why, I can only say 'Read and Reap'” Christopher Forbes CHRISTOPHER FORBES
Vice Chairman, Forbes Media

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What People Are Saying

“The Power of Why is great reading and can be of use to all of those looking to come out on top.”

Donald J. Trump
Chairman and President of the Trump Organization

“The Power of Why takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery that leads to elevating your customer’s experiences while elevating your own business performance too.”

Milton Pedraza
CEO of Luxury Institute

“Your customer holds the power to your professional success. Learn how to meet their needs with value to boost your business to amazing heights.”

Dr. Nido Qubein
President, High Point University
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

“This book is a game changer! Richard has cracked the code for business growth today. His new marketing approach of a Unique Value Promise coupled with the new sales conversation Advantage Based Selling are the insight and tools you need to elevate business performance.”

Jeffrey Fox
Best selling author of How To Be A Rainmaker, How to
Be A Fierce Competitor, and The Transformative CEO.

“Richard’s book is a must-read for anyone engaged in sales.”

Richard S. Bernstein
CEO Richard S. Bernstein & Assoc. Inc., Insurance advisors to high net worth business leaders, families and charitable organizations

About the Book

What The Power of Why includes and means for you:

  • Why a UVP (Unique Value Promise) is the new key to getting consumer inquiries
  • Actual steps and examples to discover the functional and emotional Why reasons behind consumer preferences
  • The specific new Rules of Engagement that leads to customer responsiveness

Most importantly, The Power of Why will change how you and your company think and position your business. It will reshape the way you promote your products and services, and successfully sell them to the consumer in today’s marketplace.

About the Author

Richard Weylman is chairman and managing director, of Weylman Consulting Group, whose sole focus is to help their clients elevate business performance in today’s marketplace.  He is also a bestselling author, media expert and frequent conference speaker.

His writings &video clips are often featured on WSJ online, FORBES, Fund fire, Gama News Journal and he is frequently interviewed for commentary and context by many correspondents including those with Thompson Reuters, WSJ, and other media outlets.

Richard draws from his lifetime of experience to help others understand today’s marketplace and overcome obstacles that restrict growth and profitability. He is the founder of The Weylman Center For Excellence In Practice Management™, an online University for professionals and staff to elevate their business performance.

Richard also serves as a member of the United States Luxury Board, whose primary mission is to help organizations better understand the affluent consumer.

On a personal level, Richard has been recognized for his philanthropic work by several organizations, including a nomination for the prestigious Horatio Alger Award.